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CCS Granulating module series
CCS Granulating module series


The CCS (Closed Combined System) granulating closed combined system is the world most advanced granulating process line introduced by our company By adopting molecular design, it realizes closed production during the granulating process, avoids secondary pollution during procedure transferring and ensures that the granulating process conforms to GMP requirements.

System has the following advantages

• The traditional granulating process is that each equipment is put in a separate cleaning room Thus, procedure transferring of materials between different cleaning rooms is required, and secondary pollution cannot be avoided The CCS granulating module system adopts a closed conveying means to ensure that the granulating process is completed in the same cleaning room, so that secondary pollution is thoroughly avoided granulating process becomes more scientific and reasonable,floor space of the equipment is reduced, and the production process is more suited to GMP requirements;
• The CCS granulating module system gives full consideration to the matching of equipment in the system. It can match the equipment of the corresponding model to the actual output and medicine form of users, so as to realize optimal and reasonable configuration of output at the previous and next procedures and ensure continuous and stable production;
• The centralized control system is adopted to collect and edit wet type granulating process data and fluid bed drying and granulating process data in a networking form A control center controls parameter setting and monitoring of many pieces of equipment to realize full automation during the production process and ensure process stability In addition, the equipment has obvious advantages in meeting the explosion-proof requirements;
• The system highlights the advantages of the wet type granulator and fluid bed drying granulator In addition, the combination of the wet type granulator and dry type granulator with the system can ensure relatively high granulating yields The system can also be used to solve difficulties in granulating of Chinese medicine liquid extracts;
• The vacuum feeding device and procedure transferring lifter in the system have relatively high automatic production conditions and reduce labor intensity and dust pollution;
• The system is provided with automatic CIP cleaning spray nozzles at many points to provide reliable guarantee for CIP cleaning.

CCS Layout in a clean room