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GZW Horizontal vibration vacuum dryer
GZW Horizontal vibration vacuum dryer


The horizontal vibration vacuum dryer is an ideal dryer with reliable quality widely used in the market, conforming to GMP and FDA requirements.

Working Principle

Absorbing domestic and overseas advanced and high technology,the horizontal vacuum vibration flowing dryer enhances heat efficiency and shortens drying time. The drying process meets GMP and FDA requirements. It is currently the most perfect and ideal Iow temperature drying equipment in the market. When it works, through external mechanical exciting, the materials in the vessel are in a suspension status under vacuum and make spiral movement. The temperature on material surfaces is changed by heating media in the jacket. Water and solvents are evaporated, and air is evacuated to realize the purpose of drying


• The materials are in a suspension status under vacuum, making spiral movement in the vessel with even heating, high drying speed and good drying effect
• It adopts the fully closed jacket for heat insulation. With fast temperature rise, Iow heat loss and energy saving, it reaches heat efficiency of above 70%.
• The water inlet and outlet pipes can be interchanged to ensure cooling. Heat sensitive materials can realize fast cooling to ensure that the quality requirements of materials are met.
• The equipment can run in a fully closed pipe to ensure that the drying process meets GMP and FDA requirements It adopts vacuum material sucking and vibration discharging without impurities
• The equipment is featured by high output and complete functions Multiple purposes can be realized in one machine
• The equipment can realize aseptic operation. Steam can be connected to the vessel for sterilization. It is safe, reliable, convenient and easy to operate.


Flow chart

Technical Parameter

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