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DSH Series taper double-screw spiral mixer
DSH Series taper double-screw spiral mixer



Through revolution and rotation of the screw, the materials make complex movements in the cone which mainly include the four movement types:
• The screw makes revolution along the walls to make the materials make circumferential movement along the conical walls.
• The screw makes rotation to make the materials rise along the screw from the conical bottom.
• The screw makes revolution and rotation to make some of the materials absorbed into the cylindrical surface of the screw. Under the centrifugal force produced due to rotation of the screw, some of the materials in the cylindrical surface of the screw are discharged radially towards the cone.
• The rising materials fall due to their gravity. The four movements produce convection, shearing and dispersion in the mixer so as to realize the purpose of fast and even mixing


It is widely used for mixing, reaction, drying and cooling of powders and powders (solid-solid), powders and liquids (solid-liquid) and liquids and liquids (liquid01iquid) in such industries as chemical industry, medicine,pesticide, dye petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, etc.

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