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VH Series V type mixer
VH Series V type mixer


The machine is suitable for mixing more than two types of dry powder and granular materials in such industries as medicine,chemical industry, food, etc.
The machine mixing barrel is featured by unique structure, high mixing efficiency and no dead corners. It is made of stainless steel. The internal and external walls are subject to polishing treatment. With beautiful appearance, even mixing and wide application range, it can be e quipped with the forced blender according to user requirements to be suitable for mixing relatively fine powders, blocks and materials containing certain moisture.

Stuctural diagram

1.Material barrel   2.material sucking barrel  3.Micer  4.Material discharging barrel   5.Vacuum gauge   6.Gas purification tank   7.Vacuum pump  8.Motor

Technical Parameter

Our company can customize the products according to special requiements of users,you will not be notified of any changes in advance!