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YQ Moveable cleaning machine
YQ Moveable cleaning machine



The machine is mainly used for cleaning vessels during solid preparation production in the pharmaceutical industry. A hopper cleaning machine can clean different specifications of mixing hoppers or transferring hoppers It is an ideal machine for cleaning vessels in pharmaceutical plants. It is also widely used in such industries as medicine, chemical industry, food, etc.


The machine is composed of pump station, cleaning system, control system,etc. When it works, push the mixing hopper, transferring hopper and etc. to be cleaned into the cleaning room Open the hopper cover, and put on the hopper cover mounted with rotary cleaning hall and be ready for cleaning Set the cleaning procedure according to process requirements and start cleaning the internal surfaces according to the set procedure after confirmation The external surfaces of the vessel are cleaned manually by using the high pressure water gun Send the cleaned vessel to the vessel drying room for drying, and keep it for future use.


The machine is a new machine researched and developed successfully by our company according to China' s actual conditions after absorbing and digesting internationally advanced technology. It has such features as reasonable structure, stable performance,convenient operation, no dead corners, and no exposed bolts. Safe production is ensured. The machine can be moved conveniently, optimizes production processes and fully meets the requirements for medicine production in GMP


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