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GZLVertical vacuum vibration flowing dryer
GZLVertical vacuum vibration flowing dryer


The machine is especially suitable for drying of heat sensitive,aeration prowder and granular materials or those that have special drying requirements.It fully meets Gmp requirements.

Drying schematic diagram


• The materials are under a fluidizing status, featured by good heat transfer effect, even drying, and increased speed. The machine has obvious energy saving effect and can realize aseptic operation. High temperature steam (pressure < 0.25MPa) can be connected to the inner cylinder to carry out sterilization. The process is convenient, rapid and reliable.
• Vacuum material sucking and vibration discharging can be carried out. Mechanical exciting force can be used to realize drying and crushing of materials. The operation is simple and labor saving.
• Vacuum drying meets GMP requirements The machine is especially suitable for drying of heat sensitive materials. After provided with the condenser receiving tank, the system can recover organic solvents.


The machine mainly uses the mechanical vibration force and exciting torque produced by the vibration exciter at the bottom of the vessel to make the vessel produce periodic vibration As the bottom of the vessel is in a ring shape, the amplitude of vibration at different points is different, so that the materials in the vessel make revolution around the central axis of the vessel, and turn around the ring center, which form circular spiral movement to realize the fluidizing status. The fluidized materials contact inner walls of the vessel heated by the jacket and start heat transfer and temperature rise. After the vaporization point is reached, the moisture is vaporized under vacuum and discharged outside, so that the materials are dehydrated and dried rapidly.

Flow chart

Technical Parameter

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