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QXZ Series automatic cleaning station system
QXZ Series automatic cleaning station system


It can be widely used in such industries as medicine, food, dairy products, chemical agents, etc. Cleaning is one of the most important production chains during the production process in every industry,especially in the medicine production industry A see of cleaning procedures conforming to GMP requirements are the precondition for stable product quality. Therefore our company has developed the QXZ series automatic cleaning station system. The uniquely designed rotary cleaning pallet has been registered. This cleaning station system is suitable for cleaning special barrels of the barrel lifting type mixer and other various vessels. The inside and outside of the barrel can be subject to automatic cleaning, drying and cooling. According to different process layouts and flows of users, the cleaning system can be designed separately to meet users' actual use needs. The machine adopts PLC and human-machine interface control, and authority of control personnel can be set. The single-door or double-door barrel feeding and discharging mode can be adopted. The silo door is sealed by inflatable airbag. The brush type nozzle and 360 rotary cleaning ball are used Metering control of the cleaning water source (tap water, purified water) can be carried out. It ensures thorough cleaning, no residues, energy saving, small floor space and high efficiency. Its structural performance has reached the advanced level of similar international products.


• The cleaning system is equipped with PLC controller to provide real-time dynamic data for internal cleaning of machines Automatic operation and control can be carried out, and the data printing system can be set according to user requirements
• The existing cleaning stations in China all adopt the positioned cleaning mode, that is, the vessel to be cleaned is fixed for cleaning by the multi-point brush type nozzles on both sides of the external walls Therefore dead corners may be easily formed due to irregular structure of the vessel so that there are residues on the surfaces. In addition, water consumption after long-time use is very high, causing waste of resources. The cleaning station of our company adopts the rotary cleaning pallet, ensures thorough cleaning without residues by using the brush type nozzle and 36Oo rotary cleaning ball, and effectively saves energy.
• The silo door is sealed by inflatable airbag to effectively avoid water leakage at the silo door that may occur in the mechanical seal due to during long-time cleaning, and ensure that there is no pollution and leakage in the operation room.In order to make the cleaning station system realize the purpose of economy and efficiency during the use, the brush type nozzle and cleaning ball are used to clean the inside and outside of the vessel. The water inlet is connected to various cleaning water source inlets for separate control and synchronous cleaning The cleaning station is provided with the water storage tank at its bottom. The cleaning process is set and controlled according to the cleaning requirements of different vessels. The washing water for washing residues at the initial stage can be repetitively used In addition, the system is also equipped with the detergent storage tank to enhance the cleaning quality If the cleaning water requires increased temperature, the system can be equipped with the steam instant heater for cleaning water to ensure cleaning water temperature.
• Affer cleaning, if the vessel needs to be dried, the cleaning station can be equipped with the hot air circulation drying system, which can dry the vessel after cleaning within a relatively short time The hot air temperature and air volume are adjustable. For the cleaning process of some special products, the steam sterilization system or cooling system can be set according to actual requirements of users.
• The cleaning system can be designed separately for various types of vessels according to user requirements. The cleaning requirements of users will be met by using different cleaning frames and cleaning nozzles.

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