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XF Fluid bed dryer
XF Fluid bed dryer


The fluid bed is composed of air filter, heater, fluid bed main machine,cyclone separator, bag dust collector, high pressure centrifugal fan,operation platform, etc. Due to different properties of materials to be dried, when equipping the dryer with dust removing devices, you can select the cyclone separator and bag dust collector, or select one of them aocording to the needs Generally, you only need to select the cyclone separator for materials with relatively high specific gravity such as medicinal granules and granular materials, and select the bag dust collector for materials with relatively Iow specific gravity such as small granules and powder materials The pneumatic feeding device and belt conveyor are also available for selection.
The granular solid materials are fed by the feeder into the fluid bed dryer The clean air after filtration and heating will be sent by the blower to the bottom of the fluid bed and contact the solid materials after passing through the distribution board, so as to form fluidizing and realize heat and mass exohange between gas and solid The materials after drying will be discharged from the material discharging hole. The waste gas will be discharged from the top of the fluid bed and then pass through the cyclone dust collector and bag dust collector for recovery of solid powders before discharging.
It can be equipped with the steam, electric or hot air furnace (according to user requirements).
It is suitable for drying granular materials, such as pharmaceutical materials, granules for tablet pressing, medicinal granules in the pharmaceutical industry, plastic resin, citric acid, and other powder and granular materials in the chemical industry, as well as food and beverage granules, grain, maize embryo, feedstuff, etc The maximum particle size of materials can be 6mm, and the best particle size is 0.5-3mm.


The fluid bed dryer is a continuous drying machine that can realize automatic production. With high drying speed and low temperature,it can ensure product quality and conforms to the requirements formedicine production in GMP. It can be equipped with the steam,electric or hot air furnace.

Nonstandard large-size fluid bed in actual use

Flow chart

Technical Parameter

注:1、Feeding modes include:Star feeding、Star feeding、Belt conveying、Determined by users
      2、Automatic productin can be realized.
      3、Special designs other than the above can be made for users.
4、The fan power varies according to different materials.