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SYH High efficiency three-dimensional movement mixer
SYH High efficiency three-dimensional movement mixer


The machine is suitable for high evenness mixing of materials in such industries as chemical industry, medicine, battery, metallurgy, food and scientific research units.


When it works, the mixer is provided with three-dimensional movement,and carries out revolution and rotation The mixer has powerful turbulent action to accelerate material flowing and dispersing and makes turning and translational movement to conquer the impact of centrifugal force,so that gravity segregation and agglomeration will not occur in the materials, there is no dead corner, and even mixing is ensured.


• The mixer is provided with three-dimensional movement so that the materials complete the process of mutual mixing from the agglomeration status to dispersion status under the actions of flowing, shearing, translational movement and dispersion, even mixing of materials is ensured and the evenness reaches 999% In ordinary mixers, the materials only make simple dispersion and agglomeration movement in the vessel, which is featured by low efficiency and bad mixing quality.
• With short mixing time and high efficiency, the effective loading rate of the vessel reaches 80%. (The rate of ordinary mixers is only 40%)
• The machine is Iow and does not have special requirements for plants, so that investment in basic construction is reduced.
• The mixing barrel and machine body driving part can adopt partition installation to meet GMP requirements.
• For the SYH-2 model mixer, mixing vessels of various shapes can be placed in the mixing barrel for mixing with convenient use
• Stepless speed adjustment can be realized to facilitate material loading and unloading.
• It is featured by long service life and Iow noise.
• Vacuum feeding and lifting machine feeding are available.

Technical Parameter

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