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QXJ Multi-purpose cleaning machine
QXJ Multi-purpose cleaning machine


It is mainly used for cleaning various types of solid preparation production equipment. A cleaning machine can realize WIP and CIP cleaning requirements. (For example, a cleaning machine can be used for cleaning the wet type granulator, boiling granulator, coating machine, mixer, etc. It is widely used in such industries as medicine, health products, food, chemical industry, etc.


The equipment is composed of pump station system, pipe, control system,etc .During cleaning, after the equipment pipe is connected to that of the equipment to be cleaned, start the procedure to realize automatic cleaning of the internal sudaces of the equipment or vessel to be cleaned, and theexternal surfaces are cleaned manually Various WIP and CIP cleaning procedures such as detergent injection tap water high pressure cleaning, purified water high pressure showering, etc can be completed.


The machine is a portable cleaning machine developed by Jirui Company to meet diversified cleaning requirements of users The machine is mainly used for CIP cleaning of large-sized equipment, and cleaning is realized after the cleaning machine is connected to the cleaning points of the equipment to be cleaned. The control part of the machine is integrated in the cleaning machine itself to enhance its flexibility.

Technical Parameter

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