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SZG Double-cone rotary vacuum dryer
SZG Double-cone rotary vacuum dryer



SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a new generation dryer developed by our company on the basis of combining technologies of other products of its kind in China. The SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer is provided with belt and chain double elastic coupling mode. Therefore, the equipment runs stably. The specially designed tools fully represent good concentricity of the two shafts.The rotary joint of reliable American technology is adopted for the heating medium and vacuum system. Based on this product, we have also developed the SZG A product, which can realize stepless speed adjustment and constant temperature control.
As a professional drying equipment manufacturer, we provide more than hundred sets of equipment for our users. The heating media such as high temperature heat transfer oil, middle temperature steam and Iow temperature hot water are available for our products. When drying viscous materials, we can design the special "copying" mechanism or set balls in the tank for you.


• After the heat source (such as hot water, Iow pressure steam or heat transfer oil) is connected to the closed jacket, the heat is transferred from the inner shell to the materials to be dried
• Driven by the power, the tank makes slow rotation and the materials in the tank are continuously mixed so as to realize the purpose of drying.
• When the materials are under vacuum, the steam pressure reduces to make the moisture (solvent) on material surfaces reach the saturation status and evaporate, and discharged and recovered timely from the vacuum pump The moisture (solvent) inside the materials is penetrated, evaporated and discharged towards the surfaces. The three processes are carried out continuously, so that the materials are dried within a very short time


• During oil heating, automatic oonstant temperature control is adopted to dry biochemical products and mineral raw materials. Temperatures vary within the range of 20-160.
• The heat efficiency is 2 times higher than that of common ovens.
• Indirect heating will cause no pollution to the materials, conforming to GMP requirements. The equipment is simple to repair and operate and easy to clean.


It is suitable for concentration, mixing and drying of powder,granular and fibrous materials in such industries as chemical industry, medicine, food, etc., and materials that require Iow temperature drying (such as biochemical products), and is more suitable for drying of materials that are easy to oxidize, volatize,heat sensitive materials, irritant and poisonous materials, and materials in which breaking of crystals is not allowed.

Installation schematic diagram

Recommended process configuration demonstration:solvent recovery process configuration

Technical Parameter

Our company can customize the products according to special requiements of users,you will not be notified of any changes in advance!