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Closed circuit boiling dryer
Closed circuit boiling dryer



Closed-circuit circulating fluidized-bed dryer used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries in the material containing a flammable solvent gas material, anaerobic material and heat sensitive materials drying。


one security
Equipment is fully enclosed structure, filled with nitrogen gas inside the device, in dry anaerobic nature of the material or solvent-containing explosive materials, the gas is not oxygen, not burning or oxidation, can effectively avoid the occurrence of fire equipment in the production or explosion, and therefore more secure than ordinary equipment.

Second, efficient

Device host system using pulse dust bag, dust, high efficiency, dust does not bond with the cartridge, and easy to assemble and clean. And use the machine cleaning technology after the completion of the drying equipment, equipment for machine counterattack, the dust completely, use the technology equipment bag cleaning frequency from the original 1-2 Tianyi wash extended to 12-15 Tianyi wash. The lower part of the host device Chuke, the material can be pumped to vacuum material storage devices, reducing the strength of workers to operate and improve efficiency.

Third, environmental protection
After drying the device after the hot solvent containing moisture into the condenser, condensing the gas in the solvent (solvent recovery is 95%), solvent recycling and can either condensation dehumidification drying gas. Recovered solvent can be recycled again, can save costs, while exhaust emissions will not cause environmental pollution.

Four energy
Equipment required to work within the wind down, just slightly positive pressure, so the device is equipped with a fan power reduction, because the pressure is when the hot air upward from the lower hopper stencil blowing, wind penetration, although the height of the material boiling not high, but the contact of hot air and the material more fully, faster drying rate. The device fan power decreased, the device noise becomes smaller, but also saves energy.

Five broad-spectrum
Gas heat and moisture inside the device through the condensation and dampness, a low absolute humidity inside the gas, drying capacity strong, more in tune with the humidity-sensitive material easy to absorb moisture. For the smaller particles of the material: As the wind down, the material of the escape rate is small, all in the secondary dust can be recycled.
Equipment in the drying process for the fluidized, the material with hot air for a large area of gas-solid contact, drying intensity, high efficiency, and with the equipment increases, the amount of wind turbine equipment to improve the equipment efficiency can still be guaranteed; not as a static vacuum drying system, with the equipment increases, the drying increasingly inefficient. Equipment for the drying process in the fluidized material, a vacuum drying system to avoid heating the material in direct contact with the material surface caused by local overheating of the material deterioration and other adverse conditions.

Flowcharts a brief description of equipment:

First, the feed: feed equipment using potentiometer feed, work intensity, the material does not stick pipe, and the feeding quickly.
Second, the drying: nitrogen systems, the equipment inside the air through the fan drive; into the filters, heater into the host; the hopper through the host large gas-solid contact, the two-phase heat and mass transfer exchange (remove solvent, leaving the heat); then into the dust, powder was again retained; then into the condenser, heat and mass transfer again the two-phase exchange (heat away, leaving the solvent), followed by back fan, to achieve cycle. Internal and external drying device without any contact.
Third, the material: the material equipment, the lower barrel to open the device when the flap, start shaking the vacuum suction device to shake things sucked.

Main technical parameters

models BXFG
project unit
diameter mm 300 400 700 950 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
L 12 22 100 220 420 670 1000 1500 2000
minimum Kg / batch 1.5 4 15 30 80 100 150 250 350
maximum Kg / batch 4 6 36 72 140 240 360 500 600
steam consumption Kg / batch 12 23 70 140 211 282 366 465 512
nitrogen volume M3/min 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.6 0.6 0.9 1.1 1.6 2.0
fan power Kw 2.2 2.2 4 11 15 22 30 37 45
temperature room temperature -120 ℃
material yield % >99
final moisture content % -0.2
Noise db ≤ 75
host height mm 2200 2600 3100 2700 4100 4600 5200 5800 6000

type \
volume (L)
(kg / h)
fan power
heating energy consumption
steam kg / h power kw
BXFG-30 30 15-36 5.5 60-140 40-80 70 40
BXFG-60 60 30-72 11 140 70
BXFG-120 120 80-140 18.5 200 90
BXFG-200 200 140-280 22 280 120
BXFG-300 300 150-360 30 380 150
BXFG-500 500 250-600 45 460 210