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FL Fluid bed drying granulator
FL Fluid bed drying granulator



It is used for making granules for tablets, granules for capsules,various heavy granules, granulating of food and other common chemicals, as well as granulating of sugar, coffeer cocoa, cream powder, fruit juice powder, mixed starch, amino acid, flavoring,chilly condiments, wheat flour, etc.

Working Principle

The fluid bed granulating method is a result of the comprehensive application of spray technology and fluidizing technology Mixing,granulating and drying are completed in the same closed vessel simultaneously so as to realize one step granulating The raw material powders are fluidized in the vessel. At the same time, the fog drips of bonds are sprayed to the fluidizing surface for granulating. After drying, the moisture is evaporated and brought out of the machine.


• Fluidity is improved and dust is reduced through powder granulating.
• Mixing, granulating and drying procedures are carried out simultaneously.
• The whole operation is carried out in a closed negative pressure system to effectively avoid leakage, dust and pollution
• The equipment is featured by no dead corners, easy assembly and disassembly, good safety and thorough cleaning, conforming to GMP.
• The latest compressed air pulse iet cleaning dust removing technology is adopted


• Air exhaust dust online detection function
• Air volume online monitoring function
• Intake air dehumidifying function
• Air exhaust secondary dust removing function
• Whole machine explosion proof function
• Filter bag large disc lifting and lowering function
• Silo drying and mixing function
• ln-place cleaning
• Liquid supply system

Technical Parameter

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