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YTZ Hydraulic lifting granule sizing material transferring machine
YTZ Hydraulic lifting granule sizing material transferring machine



Hydraulic lifting granule sizing machine can make the materials in the boiling granulator silo into required granules and send them into the mixing barrel. With such prominent features as Iow noise, easy cleaning, easy control of granularity, etc., it closely links the three pharmaceutical procedures such as boiling granulating,granule sizing and mixing, optimizes production process flow,effectively avoids dust pollution and cross contamination, lowers labor intensity, and improves work efficiency. It is an ideal machine for closed production in pharmaceutical enterprises.


• It is made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel. Parts that contact the materials are subject to polishing and the surface roughness reaches Ra0.2. With beautiful appearance, the lifting arm groove is subject to cord fabric type isolation treatment.
• It adopts electrically and hydraulically integrated control technology to realize stable and reliable performance It uses the rocker operation system, which makes the use convenient and flexible Automatic locking can be realized at any height to meet different production needs.
• It is designed with the oil storage disc. It adopts the imported seal ring and avoids polluting the clean area due to hydraulic oil leakage.
• The hydraulic loop is provided with the automatic pressure holding function Even in case of power cut, the lifting arm can be maintained at the original position.
• Once pressure falls due to hydraulic oil leakage, automatic alarms will be sent, and the machine will automatically start pressure boosting to maintain the position of the lifting arm, so that other equipment will not be damaged and safe production is ensured.
• The conical hopper can be customized according to the boiling granulator silo It is also equipped with the sealing arrangement to avoid dust when the silo turns. The special discharging butterfly valve free of dead corners and easy to clean facilitates discharging and can be dissembled for cleaning
• The spindle of the granulating knife adopts variable frequency adjustment.The interval between the granulating knife and sieve can also be adjusted to meet the needs of different products
• The granulator is installed on the column of the lifter, so that the lifter and granulator become a whole featuring simple operation and space saving.

Technical Parameter

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