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FZ Grinding and granulating machine
FZ Grinding and granulating machine



FZ series grinding and granulating is used in pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical processing industries. This machine reaches the world advanced level and conforms Ic the GMP specification. It is completely made of stainless steel material


Suitable for materiat crushing in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries, wet granulating, dry granulation, block of raw material grinding and whole grains


The material to be processed enters into the feed inlet of grinding and granulating machine ,drops into the conical sieve chamber. The rotary dnif plays a whirling action to the material,and throws the granules to the sieve mesh sudace by centrifugal force,the granulates are ground into paricles by the shearing action produced by the rotary knife and the sieve mesh ,and discharged through the sieve apertures ,The size of ground particles can be adjusted by the sieve mesh number,the rotary knife and sieve mesh ,and the rotary speed.


Completely solve the pendulum problem of particle machine screen wear broken sad pollution materials; Unique of shaft seal, ensure lubricating oil leakage; Control of particle size; No stranded dead Angle, no material overheating evils; Less dust, no vibration and Iow noise

Technical Parameter

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