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GHL High efficiency wet type mixing granulator
GHL High efficiency wet type mixing granulator



It is used for wet granule preparation of tablets, capsules,granules, etc It is widely used in such industries as mediciner food, chemical industry, etc.

Working Principle

Under the mixing action of the mixing paddle in the vessel, the powder materials are under the semi-flowing status and are mixed thoroughly.Then the bonds are injected to turn them into wet soft materials, which will be cut into even wet granules by the granule sizing paddle (granulating knife).


• The machine adopts inverted taper granulating integral pot technology. The special mixing paddle and cutting knife structure ensures even finished products.
• Mixing and granulating are completed in the closed pot to reduce dust pollution, conforming to GMP requirements
• With simple and safe operation, the mixing and granulating procedures are completed in one step.
• It adopts human-machine interlace PLC control, and the motor is subject to variable frequency speed adjustment
• All process parameters can be stored automatically.
• It is provided with the steam and water conversion function, so that cleaning is ensured


• Lifting machine feeding
• Vacuum feeding
• Material pot jacket design, used for heating and cooling
• Equipped with wet type granule sizing machine or oscillating granulator
• Bond liquid supply metering system
• Data online printing system
• WIP cleaning system
• Explosion-proof function

Technical Parameter

The dimensions in the table are high position wet type dimensions, which are only for reference during model selection. Our company reserves the right to modifiy the data. The actual data shall prevail You will not be notified of any changes otherwise.