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YZG/FZG Vacuum dryer
YZG/FZG Vacuum dryer




It is suitable for Iow temperature drying of heat sensitive materials that are easy to decompose, agglomerate and deteriorate at high temperatures. ]t is widely used in such industries as medicine,chemical industry, food, electronics, etc.


Vacuum drying means to heat the materials to be dried under vacuum conditions. If a vacuum pump is used for air evacuation and humidity removal, the drying speed will be increased.saved.
Note: If a condenser is adopted, the solvent in the materials can be recovered through the condenser. It the SK series water loop vacuum pump is adopted, there is no need to use the condenser,so that energy is saved.

Technical features

• Under vacuum, the material solution boiling point decreases, and the heat transfer driving force increases, so that heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved.
• The heat source for evaporation can be Iow pressure steam or waste heat steam.
• The evaporator heat loss is Iow.
• The machine can carry out sterilization before drying, and does not have any impurities during drying, conforming to GMP requirements.
• The machine is a static vacuum dryer. Therefore, the shape of dried materials will not be damaged.

Typical users

• Simcere Pharmaceutical Group
• Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd. General Pharmaceutical Factory
• Northeast General Pharmaceutical Factory
• Jilin Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
• CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited
• Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Co, Ltd.
• Beijing Double crane Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.

YZG-1400 Round vacuum dryer


FZG-15 Square vacuum dryer


Vacuum drying system diagram with hot water heating and solvent recovery


Vacuum drying system diagram with steam heating and without solvent recovery


Technical Parameter

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