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EYH Two-dimensional movement mixer
EYH Two-dimensional movement mixer


EYH two-dimensional movement mixer is mainly composed of three parts such as the drum, oscillating frame and machine frame. The drum is installed on the oscillating frame, supported by four rollers and positioned axially by two catch wheels In the four supporting rollers, the two driving wheels are pulled by the rotation power system to make the drum turn The oscillating frame is driven by a group of crank rocker mechanism, which is installed on the machine frame The oscillating frame is supported on the machine frame by the bearing assembly.


The drum of the EYH two-dimensional movement mixer can carry out two movements simultaneously: one is the rotation of the drum and the other is the oscillation of the drum along with the oscillating frame While the materials to be mixed carry out rotation, turning and mixing along with the drum, they also make reciprocating mixing movement along with the oscillation of the drum Under joint action of the two movements, the materials are sufficiently mixed within a short time. The EYH two-dimensional movement mixer is suitable for mixing all powder and granular materials.

Outline schematic diagram

Technical Parameter

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