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TQXZ Model column lifiable washing machine
TQXZ Model column lifiable washing machine


It is mainly used for automatic cleaning of the inside of stainless steel vessels, and their outside is cleaned manually. It can realize the cleaning of vessels of different models and specifications. It is widely used in such industries as medicine, food, chemical industry, etc


Through a set of automatic lifting system, the machine lifts the cleaning cover to a height higher than the vessel to be cleaned. The vessel is pushed to the bottom of the machine to realize connection. After connection and positioning, the cleaning cover falls. Start the cleaning procedure to automatically clean the vessel inside, and the vessel outside is cleaned manually. After cleaning is finished, push the vessel to the temporary storage room for drying, or carry out fast drying if it is equipped with the online hot air curtain.


The machine is a new type compact cleaning machine developed by Jirui Company after the automatic cleaning station. It is mainly used for cleaning barrels and appliances of different specifications The cleaning pump station pressurizes the cleaning water (tap water, hot water, purified water, etc.The internal walls of appliances are cleaned by the cleaning ball and the external walls of appliances are cleaned manually by using the spray gun It can be provided with the optional drying function The machine is featured by small floor space, simple installation, relatively Iow cost and convenient operation. It adopts PLC, HMI online control and the operation parameters can be saved and output to meet cleaning requirements.

Technical Parameter

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