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ZS Vibration sieving machine
ZS Vibration sieving machine



With high sieving efficiency, wide application range, Iow noise and beautiful appearance, the new type vibration sieving filter produced by our company has such functions as rolling sieving, flat sieving and oscillating sieving.After technical identification, the product has reached the advanced level of similar domestic and overseas products It is suitable for sieving and filtering powder and granular materials, mixed liquids, etc. It is widely used in such industries as medicine, chemical industry, food, cosmetics, building materials, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc It is currently the newest, the most ideal high precision and high efficiency sieving equipment that meets GMP requirements.


• Continuous production, automatic sieving according to different grades.
• Closed structure, no dust emission.
• Low noise, provided with automatic sieve cleaning structure.
• Quick starting and very stable stopping.
• Small volume, simple installation and convenient operation and maintenance.
• The sieve is featured by high utilization rate, no clogging and easy replacement.

Technical Parameter

Our company can customize the products according to special requiements of users,you will not be notified of any changes in advance!