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WHJ Laboratory hopper mixer
WHJ Laboratory hopper mixer


The laboratory mixer is installed on a moveable base. Its main parts include machine frame, rotation system, electric control system, hopper, etc. The conical mixing hopper is mainly composed of hopper, hopper cover, ferrule, butterfly valve, etc.The hopper that can rotate at 360~ is installed on the rotation shaft by adopting the cantilever fixing mode. As the symmetrical axis of the hopper forms an included angle with the rotary arm rotation axis, different components of materials will make three dimensional movement in the closed hopper, producing strong turning and high shearing and achieving the best mixing effect.
The rotation system is a key system for completing the mixing function. The rotary motor is a Iow speed high torque speed reducing motor, which is the power unit for mixing. The rotation shaft is installed with sensing components When the gyrator turns to the set position, the sensor installed on the machine frame sends the sampling signal. The signal passes through the PLC system, which reads the hopper rotation speed and position information, continuously displays rotation speed and accumulated number of revolutions on the touch screen, and sends stopping instructions according to the set time. The hopper stops rotation, and stops at the best discharging position under the action of the brake motor.
The electric control system is mainly composed of two parts such as the electric cabinet and sensor. The core control parts PLC controller and frequency converter are installed in the electric control cabinet. During the use, the operations of electric appliances are mainly completed on the operation panel (touch screen) of the electric control cabinet, including printer, touch screen, power switch and emergency stop switch. The touch screen displays running time, rotation speed, etc.


It is mainly used for the tests of mixing different components of dry powders with dry powders, granules with granules, or powders with granules in laboratories. It is an ideal machine for exploring the best process parameters in material mixing, and a mechanically and electrically integrated advanced experimental machine

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